I'm having a problem with SetOn{x}. When I try to use it, I get a crash with a SecurityException. I have a rooted phone, an Optimus 2x from LG. Should I change the "setonx" command to use "Super User"? If so, how to do it? Thanks for your time!

We are pushing another update to the market 1.04.1 I believe. This will hopefully fix some of the permission based errors. Currently there are anomalies where certain android ROM’s require permissions that others do not. Unfortunately there is no way to predict these strange implementations of different ROM’s. Thanks for the report etrokal! Hopefully this next update fixes it, if not let us know and we will try and get it fixed.


GPS and Notification ringtone chooser… Coming Soon


We have heard everyone’s suggeston about GPS toggling and we now have a solution in the final stages of release! To toggle GPS you will need to be rooted with busybox installed. The next version of SetOnX will have a new User Interface associated with it when launched via user.

When 1.05 is released you will have to first open the app and enable GPS functionality after which the phone will restart. To uninstall the app you will have to disable GPS functionality. The fundamental way SetOnX works basically opens up a security hole in which any program could tell SetOnX to toggle GPS. To prevent this we will have an optional Password that you can create for our app and pass that password to our app when ever you toggle GPS via on{x}. An Example of this could be:

var params = {message:"gps", state:"enabled", password:"reallysecure!"}; device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

If you disable the password via our app then you may leave out the password field however we do not recommend this.

2G/3G toggling seems like it could be a possibility but still more research needs to be done and will most likely require root.

We have in the future plans to integrate new ringtone functuonallity to SetOnX. When SetOnX is launched we will have “associations” between strings you define and the ringer it will play. We may also integrate this into a “profile” and combine other elements of SetOnX.

Ring tones will work by first setting a string such as “ring1” then setting that to a ringtone loaded on your phone. Using the rules

var params = {message:"audio", ringtone:"ring1"}; device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

would play the ringtone associated with ring1.

These are just some of the enhancements coming in the very near future. Stay tuned to twitter follow us here and our website, for details. Remember post comments here or sent us an email. scottools AT live DOT com

Wish for functionality: toggle 2G/3G phone network use. At home I have very bad 3G connection, so I would like to use on{x} to detect when I come/leave home and then turn on 2G only coupled with wifi. Great job otherwise :)

I will look into 2g/3g switching. Thanks for the feedback! I know mobile data toggling is in our internal build only problem is you will need a rooted phone. Look back here for a post on some of our upcoming features.


SetOnX v1.04 Released!

We have added in support for airplane mode and “normal” volume control.

Volume can now be set to silent(v1.03), vibrate(v1.03), or normal(v1.04). This will allow you to easily switch between settings without setting the volume to a specific percentage.


set phone mode to silent

var params = {message:"audio", volume:"silent"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

then to set it back to normal

var params = {message:"audio", volume:"normal"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

The radio now supports airplane mode. You can either enable, disable, or toggle it. 


Enable airplane mode

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"enable"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

Disable airplane mode

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"disable"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

Toggle airplane mode

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"toggle"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

It is important to note including the airplaneMode property causes all other properties to be ignored

In to following example WiFi would not be turned on

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"disable", wifiState:"enable"}; device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

In other news, we have begun work on a GPS on/off solution. It is going to require root, as there is no other way to do it. Follow us on!/SetOnX and keep checking back here for updates. Let us know what you want to see from us in coming updates of the SetOnX app.

We will do a post on all the ideas we have gathered so far, thanks to everyone who sent us email suggesting such great ideas!