SetOnX v1.04 Released!

We have added in support for airplane mode and “normal” volume control.

Volume can now be set to silent(v1.03), vibrate(v1.03), or normal(v1.04). This will allow you to easily switch between settings without setting the volume to a specific percentage.


set phone mode to silent

var params = {message:"audio", volume:"silent"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

then to set it back to normal

var params = {message:"audio", volume:"normal"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

The radio now supports airplane mode. You can either enable, disable, or toggle it. 


Enable airplane mode

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"enable"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

Disable airplane mode

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"disable"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

Toggle airplane mode

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"toggle"};  device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

It is important to note including the airplaneMode property causes all other properties to be ignored

In to following example WiFi would not be turned on

var params = {message:"network", airplaneMode:"disable", wifiState:"enable"}; device.applications.launch("setonx",params,null);

In other news, we have begun work on a GPS on/off solution. It is going to require root, as there is no other way to do it. Follow us on!/SetOnX and keep checking back here for updates. Let us know what you want to see from us in coming updates of the SetOnX app.

We will do a post on all the ideas we have gathered so far, thanks to everyone who sent us email suggesting such great ideas!